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Our Current Mission

WCRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children learn skills to help foster a better way of life in the future. Geographically, our recent focus has been in northern Nicaragua in the village of La Calle Real east of Malpasillio where over 90% of the people live in extreme poverty. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in all of Central and South America. In La Calle Real most people live and support their families as subsistence farmers. After generations of division, family land has been divided into tiny plots that can barely produce enough corn and beans to last between three and nine months. To supplement their income, people work as day laborers, or seasonally migrate to work on sugar and coffee plantations.

La Calle Real Living Conditions


The Worldwide Child Relief Foundation is not only a non-profit organization, but also stands apart from other non-profits in that we do not have any paid officers or employees. The primary use of our funds are used to deliver aid and help children in need.
Most families do not have running water, refrigeration, washing machines, dryers, or stoves. Most cooking is done inside or outside over an open fire. Most transportation is by foot, bike, and bus if you can get to the main highway. Nutrition is poor with the staple food being rice and beans. Better off families own some livestock. Education beyond secondary school is priced reasonably, but is beyond the means for most LCR families. Although most medical care is free, you must travel to the larger cities, and be willing to wait for long periods of time.

View our Educational Support and Self Sustaining Economic Plan for La Calle Real.

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