Sydney, a 12 year old volunteer with Worldwide Child Relief Foundation, decided she wanted to raise money for school supplies and a new printer for the elementary school in La Calle Real, Nicaragua.¬†She emailed the principal of her school and got approval to sell Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches at the 5th/6th grade recess for 2 days. She made posters and sent out emails describing the community of La Calle Real, Nicaragua, and the needs of the school. She also went to each classroom to talk about the project and show pictures. She was hoping to make around $200 which would be enough to help buy the printer and some supplies. She couldn’t believe it when she ended up raising $500.

sydney_printerIn June she delivered the needed items. Besides books and other school supplies, the printer will be a tremendous benefit to the school. Before the printer the kids just had small white paper notebooks and would copy things down from the board, i.e., math problems and sentences. They have no textbooks, workbooks, etc. The printer will allow the school to print off learning materials for the kids, thus facilitating a more expansive educational experience. It is amazing how doing something small really does make a huge difference in the lives of those around us. The principal of the school, Pedro Solis, said there are no words to describe what the supplies and printer mean to the school. He was incredibly grateful.