About us


  1. Business Development Program
  2. English Program
  3. Water testing and treatment program
  4. Dental and Medical Services
  5. Special needs school
  6. Food and Clothes for Work Program
  7. Days for Girls Program (female hygiene)
  8. Education Committee Grant Program
  9. Library and Reading Literacy Program
  10. Aquaponics business development
  11. Youth Council leadership training
  12. LCR Traveling Dance Team Program
  13. Compassionate Service Program
  14. Student Intern Program
  15. Chari-Tour Volunteer Program
  16. LCR Community Council training and support


  1. Community Center construction projects
    • Completion of addition for medical and dental clinic
    • Other projects to complete the community center build out
  2. Building of physical fitness obstacle course at the secondary school
  3. Playground construction
  4. Community Center Store and Market operations
  5. Tourism Development
  6. Elementary/High School Educational Development