Fernanda Raquel Silva

Loan Profile #002  Posted  03/20/2018

GOAL US $500

Percent Funded    20%   $100 of $500

PERSONAL PROFILE –Fernanda Raquel Guardado Silva

  1. Name: Fernanda Raquel Guardado Silva
  2. Location: La Calle Real de Tolapa, Nicaragua –   Las Sotelo, Malpaisillo, León.
  3. Business description: Peddler of clothes door to door
  4. Family: My husband and I.
  5. Hopes: to increase my business up to a point in which I can establish a store.
  6. Dreams: to have my own transportation means.
  7. Vision: to satisfy my client’s needs offering them quality products at good prices.


      1. Amount needed:  US$500
      2. How the money will be used?
        • The money will be used to buy new clothes to sell in LCRT and other communities
      3. Why it will grow the business?
        • Because with the money I will have the possibility to buy more product and thus increase my sales and my income.