Hermes Ramon Reyes Guido


Loan Profile #003  Posted  04/13/2018

GOAL US $1585

Percent Funded    0%   $0 of  $1,585 

PERSONAL PROFILE –Hermes Ramon Reyes Guido

  1. Name: Hermes Ramon Reyes Guido
  2. Location: La Calle Real de Tolapa.
  3. Business description: Fish farm with well water and grow of fruit plant.
  4. Family: With the money that I receive from my business I am support different cost in my father house, because now I am single and they are old.
  5. Hopes: Can get a loan to start my fish farm and can help to progress my family and community.
  6. Dreams: My principal dreams is complete this project and can expand to increase the work opportunity and my economic family condition.
  7. Vision: Build a fish farm that can be self-sufficient and gif new work opportunities to the community.
  8. Other Factors: I have graduated from the WCRF Business Class, and have also acted as an associated instructor for the class.
  9. Formal Education: I am finish my formal university education in aquaculture engineering and this loan will help me to start my personal business in a family farm in la Calle real.


      1. Amount needed:  US$1585
      2. How the money will be used?
        • $180 pay for digging machine
        • $100 to buy cement
        • $50 to buy sand
        • $125 to buy fish
        • $200 to buy submersible pump
        • $200 to buy pipes
        • $400 to buy food for fish
        • $80 for transportation of fish


    1. Why it will grow the business?
      • Because with the money I will have the possibility to buy more product and thus increase my sales and my income.