Microfinance Opportunities

You can help these people in the impoverished village of La Calle Real, Nicaragua support their family and grow the economy of the area. Your loan is not a donation,  but a loan that will be required to be paid back to you over a 2 or 3 year period. You can fully  or partially finance a loan (minimum $50). At the end of the payment period for the loan, you can reclaim your money or reallocate it to another project.


Their is always risk in micro finance lending, but the success rate in fully paying back these type of loans worldwide is over 90%. Each applicant has been vetted and required to disclose how they would use the loan to grow their business. They also provide information about their business and some personal information that you can see in their loan profile. Pictures are also posted when available. All loans that are funded requires a signed contract by the applicant outlining terms of the repayment of the loan.


On the right you will see the available Loan profiles. Please view each one of them and when you are ready to provide financing, simply Venmo the money to @wwcrf and in the description add the Loan Profile Number found on the Profile you wish to finance.