Wilfredo Josue Rivera Solis


Loan Profile #001  Posted  02/27/2018

GOAL US $450

Percent Funded    22%  $100 of $450

PERSONAL PROFILE – Wilfredo Josue Rivera Solis

  1. Name: Wilfredo Josue Rivera Solis
  2. Location: La Calle Real de Tolapa, Nicaragua – Calle Real Abajo, Malpaisillo, Leon.
  3. Business description: Car wash
  4. Family: I am single but with my income I support my parents, both of them.
  5. Hopes: to increase the business I am running now and if possible to open another service station in a different location.
  6. Dreams: Through hard work to reach self-sustainability for me and my family.
  7. Vision: my personal vision is to succeed in my business applying the values taught to me by my parents, and help in this way my community.


      1. Amount needed:  US$450
      2. How the money will be used?
        • To buy a car washing machine that costs US$200.
        • To cover the floor with cement US$125.
        • To buy a car polishing machine US$125.
      3. Why it will grow the business?
        • The use of these devices will let me do the job faster and with higher quality, which means I will be able to increase the number of cars washed thus increasing the income.